Change Stranamics offers strategic advice to companies in the global pet industry, with the aim to ensure a sustainable future. But it has plenty more to offer. Just think of setting up and supervising New Product development programs, acting as initiator of M&A processes, restructuring companies to meet the future challenges to mention but a few adjacent activities. More often than not we are invited to help and supervise the execution of the plans we developed for our clients. We gladly do so to see how the plans match with real life and – if necessary – adapt them to new realities.

Already in the previous millennium, Marcel Blok took the initiative with like-minded people from the industry to establish a voluntary network of independent consultants to the pet industry called BREAKTHROUGH!

Because we saw a demand for help in structured New Product Development, Change Stranamics joined forces with John Adams Consultancy to set up an NPD service for companies that can not afford to have their own, residential NPD discipline. This service is called I2M.

A very recent new bead on the string is Open Minds, a service that aims to help companies and their owners to start and think “out-of-the-box” with the objective to look at future perspectives differently. We named it Open Minds.

Please, read all about the different services and convince yourself that Change Stranamics can be an added value to your company as well.

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