Open Minds

The competitive advantage of the company you lead resides in its ability to constantly generate sustainable improvement of its performances. Which is easier said than done and yet of vital importance to achieve growth.

Each business or organisation is organized to obtain the results it gets … or deserves!

  • some company owners use the lion’s share of their time to extinguish yesterday’s fires. In the mean time their competitors think and talk future
  • others feel lonely at the top, because they lack a meaningful sounding-board
  • still others cannot see other roads than the familiar one
  • being at the crossroads leads to confusion and therefore indecisiveness.
  • and does this one ring a bell? “My business is doing so well, I don’t need strategy.”

If you recognize any of the above, we invite you to contact Open Minds.
You’re only a click away from us.

Why have Open Minds help you?
* We make you take a fresh and inspiring look at your business environment which will unveil unprecedented opportunities to boost your business.

* We show you ways to leverage your strengths in a fashion that has not yet been exploited.

* We recommend you how to position your brands with the aim to achieve a sustainable competitive differentiation getting you out of the common blur.

* We help you to communicate in surprising ways to make your products meaningful and desirable for your targets.

* We make your discover efficient tools to create loyalty to your brands and products.

* We are as driven by result as you are.

Who are we?
Marcel and Rob at Global Pet Forum,
Prague 2013

Open Minds are Marcel Blok and Dr. Rob Vigoureux. Together we have over 40 years of hands-on experience in the animal care industry in Europe. Our professional paths first crossed when we were building the Iams Europe team and to a great extent we are complementary to each other. One is more au fait with the broader spectrum, the strategy, whereas the other has a much keener eye on detail and masters the operational aspects.

Marcel Blok
Graduate of the Rotterdam Business School (1971)
Major in International Marketing
Climbed the marketing ladder a.o. in Unilever
Joined BP Nutrition in 1982 to be marketing responsible Europe for its petfood activity.
Was chosen to start the Iams business in Europe in 1988
Created Change Stranamics BV in 1995 with the mission:
“to help and improve the professionalism, performance and sustainability of internationally oriented companies in the pet industry” Has carried out international strategy projects for most of the blue chips as well as for medium-sized – and often family owned – companies in the industry.

Dr. Robert Vigoureux
Graduate of the Veterinary Faculty of Gent University (1974) completed by regular business, managerial and communication colleges.
After 25 years of international management positions with leading FMCG companies, Rob Vigoureux founded FACTA International Business Solutions, a consultancy agency with Marketing, Communication, effective and motivational Management as core competencies. Veterinary, nutritional and regulatory support is offered to companies and organizations related to the animal care business.
Expert in Influencer Marketing and PR as business building tools and seasoned in go to market Strategy Development and Implementation.
Please visit for the complete portfolio.

What do we offer?


  • strategic thinking and planning at business and at brand-level
  • translating strategic plans into detailed and actionable operating plans
  • providing support in the execution of the plans
  • monitoring the execution of the plans and providing guidance to stay on course

If you feel you have a firm grip on
the steering wheel, let us be your roadmap!

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