I2M : Ideas-to-Market

Do you have that much time? Is this the longer-term planning you’re accustomed to? Do you aim to break these time-records with your new product-development?
If yes, don’t bother to read on. If you don’t, please let us help you.

The rationale
The market for added value pet products will continue to develop. Life-cycles will become shorter. The industry gets more consolidated and sophisticated.
The bigger companies will have the R&D capabilities and set-ups to cope effectively with the increasingly demanding opportunites that the market offers. They will partly dictate the trends.
It is of strategic relevance to the medium-sized and smaller companies to keep up with and lead the developments in the market. These companies often do not have the funds (and in most cases the time) to set up and maintain their own new product development (NPD) structure.
Outside help, financed on a project-basis, takes away the funding and time problems, while offering the opportunity to maintain the required level of business and product-development. I2M fills that gap.

I2M for you
With our longstanding experience in the European pet & human food industry, we help you to develop and maintain a portfolio of products in their various stages of development. The services range from idea-generation, i.e. creating product-ideas worthy of further development, translating these ideas into tested physical products to helping you to define the launch-plan for the product(s). We do so in a modular way for you to decide which services you want from us and which parts of the process can and will be taken care of by yourself. You only buy what you need.
Key to our philosophy is that we aim to create value for you by helping you with your NPD process in a structured and result-oriented way and based on objectives that are defined at the start of the process.

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