Breakthrough is the independent network of consultants to the pet industry. Founding member: Change Stranamics. Contact us to let us help you take the next step for your business.

What we are

  • independent consultants; mostly one man’s bands,
  • seasoned in the pet industry,
  • with a huge international experience to put at your disposal,
  • gained while working for every type of company under every kind of circumstance,
  • we do not have to work for our careers anymore; we can concentrate on your business.

Breakthrough’s solutions

  • our solutions are not textbook. They are creative, can be unorthodox but are practical and…they work!
  • we are thorough and rigorous in analysis and combine this with speed.
  • we are part of a team-effort, providing insight and ideas based on our experience and skills and certainly also on our objective , independent position.
  • we are committed to the work we are doing; your challenge is not just another project.
  • we are clear and open in timing and budgeting; no open ends, no surprises.
  • we conduct our business with integrity; what we share with you is never passed on and we clearly avoid all possible conflicts of interest.

Breakthrough's offers for your business

  • strategic thinking and planning
  • implementation of strategy
  • market entry-strategies
  • international market research
  • marketing audits
  • structured New Product Development
  • nutritional expertise + product formulation
  • plant design
  • supply chain management expertise
  • manufacturing efficiency programs
  • building distributor networks
  • organisation & skills audit
  • 2nd opinion & decades of international experience in the industry
  • efficiency-improvements in manufacturing
  • sustainability measures in manufacturing

SMART Objectives

Almost needless to say… Breakthrough stands for SMART Objectives.



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